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beurer IH 50 Mesh Nebulizer
Beurer beurer IH 50 Mesh Nebulizer
Sale priceTk 10,750.00
To get instant relief from respiratory problems due to cough or cold, this product surely helps you with proper medication. Can be used on anyone with which has 10ml capacity of nebulizer kit, nebulizing pressure 100~190Kpa and extreme pressure >205Kpa, FPD ≥75%, and highly effective nebulizing rate ≥0.4ml/min. Original products purchased from us will give you up to 365 days of relaxation to get replaced if any problem found.
Beurer beruer nebulizer IH-18
Sale priceTk 3,850.00
Leven Compressor Nebulizer
Leven Leven Compressor Nebulizer
Sale priceTk 2,130.00
Jumper Fetal Doppler-Model: JPD-100AJumper Fetal Doppler Model: JPD-100A
Omron Nebulizer with 3 years warranty | NE-C28Omron Nebulizer with 3 years warranty | NE-C28
Save Tk 750.00
Omron Japan origin nebulizer |NE-C101Omron Japan origin nebulizer |NE-C101
Omron Omron Japan origin nebulizer |NE-C101
Sale priceTk 3,450.00 Regular priceTk 4,200.00
Scian Nebulizer NB-221c
Scian Scian Nebulizer NB-221c
Sale priceTk 2,840.00

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